My Life Plan at 12 Years Old

I was an ambitious 12 year old. I’m going to start with that. This is what my life plan was essentially at the time:

  1. Graduate High School
  2. OFA3
  3. Associate of Science: Premedicine
  4. EMR/equivalent
  5. Fitness Theory
  6. Weight Training
  7. Personal Training
  8. Bachelor of Science: Biology
  9. MCAT
  10. Doctor of Medicine

Like I said, ambitious. Some days I really don’t feel like I’m going anywhere with my life and I’m just spinning in circles. But the really cool thing about finding the actual piece of paper with this list written on it was realizing how far I’ve come. Additionally, that I pursued exactly what I had intended to. To date, I have completed 8/10 steps.

I had intended on taking the MCAT this summer but decided to post-pone to some time this coming year. Regardless of where I end up going in terms of a career, I am very proud of the work I’ve put into these goals already. 12 year old me wasn’t too bad. =P

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