Tribute to my grandpa

Let’s face it, I’ve always been grandpa’s little girl. Even today, my first day without you here in the world, I know you’re still one of my favourite men. One of the best in my life. You have cared for me and loved me since I was in diapers and have taught me a world of things. You were my co-conspirator. Including things we got away with and nobody clued in. I love making you proud. You were a parent when I needed you to be and a friend always.

I really wanted you there to walk me down that aisle in a week and I know you really wanted that too. It breaks my heart that you won’t be standing there with me. But I know it’s just one role you were to play. I’m happy you got to meet the man I want to spend the rest of my life with. I’m even happier that you grew to love him too. That you took him in, talked to him for hours, showed him your humour, and teared up when he told you he was going to marry me. You have done so much more than walk me down the aisle and for that I am grateful.

Thank-you for loving me with your whole heart, keeping my secrets, and chasing me around the Rocks every single day for years. And for letting me be there with you until the very end. I love you ever so much. ❤


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